About us

Building on 20 years of experience ..

CQ Consultancy was founded in 1992 by Ivan Langhans and Kristine Ooms with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between practitioners and contemporary mathematics and statistics. In 2002 Bas van den Bogaert joined the CQ Consultants team.

All trainers / consultant have a chemical / statistical background. As such, we not only master the statistical methods, but understand our customers problems arising in daily industrial practice. Customers deciding to apply for CQ's services, appreciate the unique combination of industrial experience and up to date statistical / chemometrical expertise; the only way to allow for interactive discussions during problem solving. We know what you are talking about.

At CQ, we don't take "customer satisfaction" in vain. Both the quality of our work and the timing are impeccable. Due to our lean organisation we offer our services at prices beyond competition, even when compared with in-house alternatives.

We are also proud to present The International Circle of Experts: a network of esteemed specialists in different chemometrical / statistical subjects. If the expertise you are applying for is not available at CQ, it definitely will be within the network. As such, customers can rest their heads: their problems are being approached and solved expertly.

In 2010, our Walloon office was recognised as Fasilis facility.