CQ Consultancy is setting the mark

Since 1992, CQ Consultancy is setting the mark in chemometrical / statistical training, with a customer satisfaction of over 99.5%.

What attendees appreciate most is our unique course concept, the comfort of knowing they can be coached after the course (for free) by the trainer, and obviously, our quality guarantee.

Unique course concept

  • Provide insight (no cookbook approach)
  • Mix of theory and case studies + hands-on exercises on real-life examples
  • Main goal: direct applicability

Individual follow-up coaching included

Follow-up coaching is intended to support the application of methods / techniques covered in a certain course in daily practice. So after having applied the course matter to their own cases, course participants can make use of the trainer’s expertise to evaluate / discuss their results. So the purpose of follow-up coaching is guidance, not outsourcing.

Unique and well-appreciated handouts

Our handouts are not just copies of slides; the content of each slide is described and explained in detail on the right-hand side.  Example.

Quality guarantee

  • All trainers have over 15 years of experience in teaching and consulting Chemometrics and Applied Statistics
  • Unique money-back guarantee